Thai-HandyCraft.product such as Thai silk and cotton fablic and accessories,silverware,bronzeware&brassware. ceramicware.
Thai dolls.laquerware,mother of pearl,product,teak wood product, woodenware and brass reporduction antiques,wickerware and etc.

Benjarong-porcelain The benjarong-porcerlain is a unique collection of Thai porcerlain dining table set is regarded as a prestigious tableware traditionally connected with the court of the palace. The colours and unique "work of art " these Benjarong Porcerlain sets may may be found in the public museums, royal palace as well as in private collection Antiques Production Private collection , both Thai and foreingner, find the antique reproduction and art objects in their private homes a fulfilling personal satisfaction.

Thai Dolls. Thai dolls and toys Is the most dressed in costumes of Thai classical dance ,hill-tribe people,Thai farmers as well as in costumes of the main characters in the mythical "Ramayana" Thai dolls are generally produced with rigid workmanship and high and high quality and safety standards.

Lacquerware is a symbol of the handycraft of Northern Thailandd. This lacquerware is normally shaped into boxes,trays,bowls and countless other items. These lacquerware product are typically displayed in living rooms and quest room,making the room bright and lively. It is the unique handycraft and is popular among foreign visiter or quests.
Pewter The pewter product requires minimal maitenance, to keep it shining the pewter shoul be occasionally dip in soap water and thereafter dried by a soft cloth. The product is made form pure tin (97 %) ,atimony ( 2 % )and copper ( 1 %) No lead substance is used. The pewter can be keep the water cool for up to 2 hours it comes in different shapes and size. It is a handy utencil to have for one's own use or a suitible gift for a friends.

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